RIP Peter Lea

RIP Peter Lea

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Beware Auchan in Calais

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Beware Auchan in Calais

Post by Tugga on Sun 25 May 2014 - 22:46

Saw this very worrying post on Out and About by Longtemps.  Thought I would share it as several of you have mentioned this shop in the past.

"There has been mention in recent weeks on this forum of thieves targeting UK plated vehicles at the Auchan at Calais. The reports are correct. Two days ago I saw for myself a gang of three guys obviously up to no good looking into the windows of the few parked up motorhomes and caravans that were there. The three guys are of African decent and scruffy in appearance. I was warned by a fellow motorhomers of their presence (although I had already clocked them), and who asked me to keep an eye on his vehicle whilst he bought some wine as he was on his own. I noticed all other vans and motorhomes were keeping someone in their vehicles for security. My wife refused point blank to stay put whilst I did the heavy cases of wine shopping, so I stayed instead. I'm glad I did because 10 minutes later a face of one of these guys appeared staring into my side window!
I have never, in all the years I have been using this Auchan, seen so few motorhomes and caravans. Also, I have never seen so many police patrolling in cars. I watched as the 3 men disappeared when the cops came around and then duly reappeared.
My wife, God bless her, made three separate trips - white wine trolley, red wine trolley and food trolley. We spent 450 euro's but we will not be shopping there again until the problem is solved, as I have no interest at all in my wife developing bigger muscles than myself
! "

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Re: Beware Auchan in Calais

Post by whistlinggypsy on Mon 26 May 2014 - 14:09

Ita shame Cheryl as this is one of our starting points when going through the tunnel we go there for fuel and GPL then go and get the food shopping and some vital stuff like vin de rouge/blanc.
There would be no way now I would leave an unattended m/h on there which is a pity as we have stayed on the Auchan for years and even slept there on a couple of occasions waiting for the "promos" to start early the next day and have picked up some real bargains.  Sad 

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Re: Beware Auchan in Calais

Post by whistlinggypsy on Mon 26 May 2014 - 15:41

The last time I was in Auchan Boulogne was a few years ago and they were doing major upgrades on the forecourt and access, without any warning I pulled in with the m/h and a 10ft trailer and it was chaos, I managed to fuel up but it was impossible to exit the forecourt by the existing route so I had to reverse out the way I had entered.

This caused untold havoc with the French motorists as the forecourt was chocka block full, in the end after much argument and a few choice words with the security the French plod arrived, must say they saw the problem right away and proceeded to clear the forecourt so I could escape the wrath of the frenchies, it was total chaos for about 30 minutes and has left an undying impression on me so much I have never returned there since.

I think my comment about Agincourt did not go down well with the French, but I was ever so polite when the Gendarmes turned up.  Wink 

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Re: Beware Auchan in Calais

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