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Thanks for visiting - Sponsored By Outsmart The Thief Ltd - A motorhome club owned by its members, Please register to join us for a chat - IT'S FREE TO JOIN ~~~~~ Your next Motor-Homers meet will be in: 2019 ~~~~~ Please CLICK HERE to view all of our rallies in 2019
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 Motor-Homers Constitution

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PostSubject: Motor-Homers Constitution   Motor-Homers Constitution EmptySun 25 Nov 2012 - 21:33

Motor-Homers Constitution

The name of the club shall be Motor-Homers hereafter called The Club.

The objective of The Club shall be to organise rallies, social events and recreational activities of interest to and for the benefit of members and to encourage goodwill between all motor homers and caravanners.

Club Membership
The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership or renewal of membership to any person who they consider to be detrimental to the best interest of The Club.
Membership is open to those people with a motor home, caravan, or camper van.
Every member, upon joining The Club, implicitly undertakes to comply with the Club Constitution and Code of Conduct.
Any refusal or neglect to do so, or any conduct that is in the opinion of the committee either unworthy of a member or otherwise injurious to the interest of The Club, shall render a member liable for expulsion.

Rally Group
Any member wanting to attend a rally will automatically become part of the rally group when they add their names to the list
The rally group will have a maximum of 50 registered units initially

The Committee of The Club shall consist of Officers as follows:-

who shall take the chair at all meetings of The Club/Committee at which he/she is present and instruct the Membership Secretary to call Club/Committee meetings whenever he deems necessary, non voting, speak on behalf of committee, carry out and execute their decisions.

who shall be responsible for the minutes to be taken at all meetings and deal with correspondence appertaining to all club membership matters, including the date, time and place of any meetings, and to notify all committee members of the date, time and place of all committee meetings. To keep the committee informed of all membership details, voting, keep records for the committee, correspond, keep all legal documents up to date.

who shall keep account of all monies received by and paid out by The Club,
which accounts shall be open to members for inspection at all times, and publish a monthly cash flow report, the treasurer shall also keep the committee informed on the state of The Club’s finances when requested, voting

Rally Officer
Who shall be responsible for booking meets and rallies, keep in contact with
site owners, notify members of rallies booked, organise marshals for rallies, give out rally advice/literature, voting

General Committee Members
There will be 3 general committee members

Each officer will be subject to re-election annually at the AGM
Committee members will be elected as follows
One for 1 year
Two for two years

Annual General Meeting
One general meeting designated as an Annual General Meeting (AGM), will be held every calendar year. A minimum of 3 months notice of that date, time and venue shall be given to all members. Motions and nominations must be sent to the secretary at least two weeks before the AGM
Should an officer resign or leave for any reason, the committee have the right to co- opt a replacement to the post until the following AGM.
The committee has the right to co-opt members onto the committee as necessary - as long as they do not exceed numbers agreed within the constitution

Payment of Expenses
No member of The Club shall receive any remuneration for his services to The Club, except for any expenses directly incurred and agreed to by the committee.

Interest in land
May be acquired by purchase, lease or licence for the purpose of holding rallies or meetings as permitted by legislation or by Local Planning
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Motor-Homers Constitution
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