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The Post Office !

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The Post Office !

Post by Leapy on Thu 26 Jun 2014 - 7:09

Took a parcel for a child's birthday to post and after queuing for a good time they asked what was inside and I said a toy- does it have batteries I was asked - yes I replied-are they inside -yes I replied -then you can't send it!!
She showed me a card with a massive list of things you can no longer post!-funny bombs wasn't on it !
Can you take them out she asked
No I replied
By this time I was frustrated!!

Next day I went to collect a parcel but the outside office was closed for lunch (2hours) so I asked inside - once again I had to queue- can you get my parcel please ( in the room next door) - no the room is locked off and we have no access- there was a large sign on the wall about collecting parcels from the actual post office - bit of a waste of time then!!
Now have to go back ( another 6 miles each way ) to collect my parcel !!
Not impressed!

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Re: The Post Office !

Post by Chameleon on Thu 26 Jun 2014 - 10:49

I have an written emailed complaint in with Royal Mail at the moment.
Whilst at the Bridlington meet I posted my Dad a Fathers day card by first class stamp. Dad still hasn't got the card!! The card isn't deemed as missing until 3rd July, which is next week.
The card isn't large and will easily go through any letter box. However Dad came yesterday with a Royal Mail post card which said they couldn't deliver the item as the correct postage had not been paid. Included in the £1.11 fee is £1 handling fee!!
This is almost a fortnight after I posted the card.
Think I should charge them for not full filling the contract to deliver the card by first class the day after it was posted. As Dad is 93 every card counts.
Emailed Royal Mail last night and had an acknowledgement but await their full reply.

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Re: The Post Office !

Post by Tugga on Thu 26 Jun 2014 - 21:16

And Royal Mail think that they are so good at their job.  My first class post rarely arrives the next day, I have to allow 10 days for first class and double that for second class.  It is shameful and its no wonder they are loosing money.

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Re: The Post Office !

Post by Chameleon on Thu 26 Jun 2014 - 21:27

Had a reply this afternoon from Royal Mail.
If only they had read my email properly.
They are saying the letter may not have been addressed properly. Also claiming the envelope was larger than 240 mm x 165 mm and over 5mm thick. As it had a first class stamp on may have had First Class Post written on the envelope else it would have been delivered second class. I didn't write First Class on the envelope.
I have repeatedly told them I sent the card and it wasn't over the measurements stated. Also told them to read today's email thoroughly as an unsatisfactory reply will mean me taking the matter further.
As you say Cheryl no wonder they are losing money.

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Re: The Post Office !

Post by debbie on Fri 27 Jun 2014 - 17:45

I worked for Royal Mail in the early ninety's. I knew every single one of my customers, and when mail went astray, I would do everything I could do for my customers. During my time there, the powers that be started fixing Royal Mail even though it wasn't broken. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't broken, and they have continued fixing it, to the point where it is now completely knackered. Sad loss of a service that was the envy of the world!

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Re: The Post Office !

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