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RIP Peter Lea

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Southport to Austria and back

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Southport to Austria and back

Post by whistlinggypsy on Sun 4 Oct 2015 - 20:34

Southport to Austria and back was our 2015 September trip and it was the best trip so far for stunning scenery and beautiful sights made all the easier because for the 1st time in nearly 30 years we did with a car and caravan instead of a motorhome. They weather was in all the best September sunshine we have had for as long as we can remember doing Germany in Autumn like we have over the years.

The car ran great with the 2200kg caravan and of course the fuel was much cheaper that the UK, €0.97lt in Luxembourg, €1.07lt in Germany and only €0.99lt in Austria, I did have a small altercation with a tree branch going to our 1st night stopover at the Black Horse Inn at Monks Horton ( Baza and Rina know it well) a short drive from the Eurotunnel when a prat in a Range Rover decided he wanted all the road to get past me, a small tree branch clip my awning rail and split it, not a lot of damage and easily repairable. I did have a blowout and got a new tyre in Luxembourg because by then Barbara was chewing my ear off for running without a spare especially as most of the driving was done on the autobahns, wait for it, €120 and that was the cheapest I could find there, just wish Barb had let me travel to Germany and get one.

The round trip was a total from Southport/Austria/Southport of 2760 miles using 126 gallons of fuel we gave me an good average of 22 mpg, not bad as we are 4500kgs gross towing, so we were very happy not to be paying UK prices.  

This is the route we followed from Coquelles back to Guines before catching the train again at Coquelles, we stayed on 6 campsites the cheapest of which was Luxembourg €18 p.n. the dearest was Berchtesgaden €29 p.n. but it was so worth it there as the site was in a stunning area and the facilities were of the highest standard.

I will get around to posting some pictures on the gallery when I have the time but being away for 5 weeks has meant a lot of doctors and hospital appointments have cropped up, the caravan has to go in for some warranty work and I think I need some rear brakes on the car affraid 

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Re: Southport to Austria and back

Post by The Burchies on Mon 5 Oct 2015 - 7:04

So glad you both had a good trip & everything apart from the 2 incidents went well.
sorry we all missed each other as we ended up heading to Holland after Germany then back through Belgium to the ferry.
The Burchies

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Re: Southport to Austria and back

Post by Leapy on Mon 5 Oct 2015 - 8:30

Glad you had a good trip Bob - yes sorry we missed you

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Re: Southport to Austria and back

Post by whistlinggypsy on Mon 5 Oct 2015 - 15:42

Thanks Mark and Peter, yes shame we just couldn't manage an evening together with a nice Dornfelder or a beautiful St Emilion Grand Cruz yummie, never mind I might just have a bottle left for the xmas meet, "might"

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Re: Southport to Austria and back

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