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 Electronic Vehicle Theft

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Electronic Vehicle Theft Empty
PostSubject: Electronic Vehicle Theft   Electronic Vehicle Theft EmptyMon 8 Feb 2016 - 21:55


Most vehicle security systems rely on the security of the manufacturer’s key, unfortunately unscrupulous electronic device makers have found and exploited weaknesses within this system.

Over the last 10 years advancements in vehicle security shows a steady decline in vehicle theft, but these figures are not necessarily accurate, and may be distorted by the way vehicle crime is now recorded.

In reality electronic vehicle crime in the UK is rapidly increasing, with over 95% of vehicles now stolen with either a key or electronically. Official figures claim that 80% of those vehicles were stolen by “Unknown Means” or what is commonly known as “Electronic Theft”.

There are two types of electronic theft, one by using legitimate manufacturers devices designed to be used by professionals, the other by devices which are clearly made not to have a legitimate purpose!

Electronic device manufacturers have found weaknesses within the on-board vehicle security system. They either make a device to copy the coded signals from your vehicle key or by accessing the vehicle on-board computer system directly.

These devices are too easily obtained by the wrong person, while most are not even illegal to buy! There is also a misconception that only certain makes are susceptible to this kind of electronic attack, in fact all vehicle security systems, even motorhome alarms are vulnerable to some form of electronic attack.


RF Code Grabber
This is probably one of the most effective and worrying type of theft device! Firstly because it is not limited to one make of vehicle and secondly, it’s the fastest and most covert way of stealing your vehicle. This device enables the thief to copy and reproduce RF signals, these are sent when your remote control is pressed to lock or unlock your vehicle.

Now, the thief can replicate these same signals and codes that your key or remote sends, thus lock or unlock your vehicle. Should your alarm, pager or tracking system be armed by the same remote control, your alarm will NOT activate and your tracker will not send any kind of alert.

Electronic Key Programmer
This is either plugged into the OBD socket or could be connected directly to the Can-Bus or the K-Line harness either inside the vehicle or from outside. Once connected it gives the thief the ability to programme a new Smart Key, Transponder or RF Control to the on-board system.

Immobiliser Programmer
Programming software is used to attack the main ECU, this will allow the thief to swap the original unit and transponder for a ‘cloned’ one, or even bypass all of the main security system completely.

Remote Control Jamming
Still being used and is surprisingly effective. These are the simplest of products also relying on the victim not noticing that their vehicle did not safely lock or alarm. The thief activates a jamming device, this blocks your signal and leaves your doors unlocked with any security disarmed, when you go to lock your vehicle or arm your alarm using the remote control.

Transponder Cloning
Transponders hold a unique code and are located inside the vehicle key. This code is transmitted to the vehicle immobiliser for identification purposes. If the codes from the transponder and the immobiliser match, then the vehicle engine will start. A cloning device allows the thief to copy and replicate the transponders unique code, thereby fooling the immobiliser into thinking the correct key is present.

Smart Key Extenders
These two devices are designed to transmit and receive your keys unique code over a far greater distance than is meant, fooling the vehicle security system into believing that the genuine key is close to the vehicle. This then gives a vehicle thief the ability to open the doors and drive it away, the alarm system will be in a disarmed state and the tracker will send no alert to the owner.

EEPROM Programmer
Security codes can be overcome by reading and writing to the EEPROM, this can be done via the Can-Bus line or even the vehicle ECU. Once connected, the thief can now override all the security system checks, leaving the vehicle open to an electronic theft.

GSM / PCN / GPS Jamming
The effectiveness of some of these devices could easily be called into question, however some of the more expensive ones are effective, and now more widely used. These type of device are designed to block most types of communication within your vehicle security system, however not all security systems rely on communication to be effective against an attack.

Electronic theft has been around for a long time and depending on which country you originate from, depends on how long and how widespread the problem. Certain countries are worse than others, Poland, Russia, China, and USA, to name but a few.

The market for stolen cars and parts is worldwide; this is not helped now by the internet and the freedom of travel within the European Union being relaxed. It has never been easier for criminal gangs to obtain these devices and systems, along with the knowledge of how to steal and target a certain make of vehicle.

Due to the massive rise in vehicle crime in the early 1990's, the insurance industry financed and set up the Thatcham security team. They became instrumental in driving up security standards within the industry and their testing is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world.

Unfortunately, they relied on most of their security to encryption, especially the vehicle key and immobiliser. It was only a matter of time before this strength was then targeted and exploited by the criminal element. The major problem is not just that the industry has been aware of this problem for years, but they have either been unwilling, unable or far too slow to react in countering this threat.

By: Mr Carl Meyer. Director.
Outsmart the Thief Ltd.
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Electronic Vehicle Theft
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